Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bulgaria in Infographic

Hopefully most of you are having a laid-back and relaxing summer. But I think it’s safe to say that we could all use an eastern-european getaway. Being at the beach or climbing the mountain is a freeing and almost cleansing experience for many people. I think there’s something therapeutic in just digging your toes in the sand or soaring eyes in the green expanse.

Today’s infographic represents Bulgaria - a picturesque country located between the Black Sea and beautiful Rhodope and Stara Planina Mountains.

Bulgaria is mostly known for its natural beauty.

The contry is a home of the Dobroudja wheatfields and Kazanlak rose fields.

There are many fortresses with monasteries and churches in the caves high up in the mountains.

The weather in Bulgaria appears to be a typical four seasonal. It’s temperate in the summer, and snowy in the winter. There're many peaceful beaches also.

Let’s face it, you probably need a break from working too hard or some time to de-stress.

Check out today’s infographic, and consider vacationing in Bulgaria this year:

Bulgaria in infographic

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