Saturday, November 26, 2016

What you need to know to keep your pet safe

dog tag

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know about the importance of ID tags. Having identification and contact information securely attached to your pet’s neck makes it much more likely that you'll get your furry family member back if he decides to take off on a solo adventure.

Yet a study published in Preventative Veterinary Medicine revealed that only 33 percent of owners keep ID tags on their pets.
If you’re one of the 67 percent who sometimes, rarely or never puts tags on your pet, consider this: They considerably increase the return-to-owner (RTO) rate if your pet is lost.

It’s also important to remember that just because your dog is microchipped, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also need an ID tag.

What Info Should Appear on My Pet's ID Tags?

Your pet’s name and your phone number. Putting a cell phone number on a tag is a smart way to ensure that you are reachable, no matter where you are. You can include your address, but sometimes there isn’t enough room on a tag. Plus, some people may not feel comfortable having that much personal information in the hands of whoever finds their pet.

What Should I Look For When Buying ID Tags?

Just like breeds of dogs, there are a variety of choices when it comes to pet tags.

Choose one that fits your lifestyle best!

1. If you travel with your pet often, you may want to consider portable tags, which are waterproof metal tubes or barrels that screw open and shut.

2. If you hate the sound of jangling tags, a dog tag silencer may be a good idea — especially for homes with sleeping babies.

3. If you want to give your pet the personality that he deserves, design his own colorful personalized tag that suits his character!

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