Saturday, May 27, 2017

DIY Paper Pencil Box

diy paper pencil case


I wanted to show you how to make a pencil case from an unnecessary paper box in
10 minutes.

Everyone has a leftover wrapping paper and boxes from the holiday gifts - don't throw them away! You can make a beautiful pencil case.

For this tutorial, you will need the following materials:

1. Paper box;
2. Tape;
3. Wrapping paper;
4. Pencil;
5. Ruler;
6. Scissors;
7. Glue;

How to make the pencil case: 


Pencil Box

1. Glue with tape if some of the sides of the box are torn to get a well formed box.

2. Take a wrapping paper and place the bottom of the box on its inner side, outline with a pencil (a square or a rectangle depending on the type of the box).
3. Then measure the height of the box with a ruler.
4. Using the pencil and the ruler, apply the value of the height + a few centimeters (about 4-5 cm) dropping straight from each top of the square / rectangle you previously outline.
5. Cut the form with the scissors.
6. Glue the bottom of the box and press it to the square / rectangle of the wrapping paper.
7. Then glue each part of the paper and press it to the sides of the box.
8. Wait for it to dry.

Now you have a beautiful pencil box!

Pencil Case

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