Saturday, May 27, 2017

How to make a gift box with no glue and tape

how to make gift box

Today I will show you how to make a gift box from two sheets of paper / cardboard without using glue or tape.

Origami boxes are suitable for jewellery, small gifts, candy.

Materials Needed:

2 sheets of A4 paper, 120g or 160g (cardboard)

Tools needed:


paper box

Step 1 Cut a Square

The dimensions of a sheet A4 are 210mm x 297mm (I used smaller sheets). Measure the shorter part and apply it with a pencil on the longer side to get a square. Cut out.

paper sheet
Do this with the second sheet.
We have two square sheets
cut the paper sheet

Step 2 Fold the Sheet

creasing the squares
Fold the leaves through the middle. Rotate the sheet 90 ° and repeat folding. Then fold each outer corner by attaching all 4 to the center of the sheet until you get it (the cardboard is a bit stiffer than a plain sheet of paper, so you can help folding with the ruler to smooth the lines):


Step 3 Re-fold the Sheet

fold the paper for the gift box
Now fold all 4 sides to the center. Not the corners, but the sides!

Step 4 Folding The Angles

tucking the corners
Expand one of the corners / triangles. Collect the two opposite corners at the base of the triangle at one point. Fold the sheets exactly where the corners are gathered, and put the remaining part in the base.

Repeat this with the opposite corner / triangle of the sheet. (I used glue to stick the parts to the base, but it's not necessarily)

The box is ready!


Step 5 Make a Box Cover

The lid is actually a box but a bit larger so it can stand on the box.

Repeat everything up to Step 3!


We've come to folding again:

To make the box a little bigger, simply fold the sheet 3-4mm from the middle part. Fold all 4 sides.

Now repeat Step 4 and your lid is ready!
box cover
Assemble the parts and you have a gift box crafted by you!
gift box

You can use different cardboard colors, you can find them is every bookstore. Once you're ready you have all of your imagination to decorate the box: paint it; stick it with stickers or decoupage paper, etc.

Once you put the gift inside you can decorate it with a cord, ribbon or wrapping paper.

diy gift box


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